Woman apologises for sex act under a bridge but says she's "just a regular female with regular needs"

A woman has apologised for a sex act under a bridge after she saw pictures of her ‘caught in the act’ posted online.

Lara Shoemark was hanging up some washing when she claims she saw a couple kissing then having sex for about 10 minutes beneath a bridge in Bridgwater, Somerset.

After the picture was posted, a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, submitted an apology to her local newspaper.

She said had met up with an old friend and things moved quickly.

But she insisted she was “just a regular female with regular needs” and that the couple had “lost their senses”, Somerset Live reports.

Lara claimed it was not the first time a couple had been spotted having sex near her home and she was worried about her two young children seeing it.

She took pictures of the tryst and posted them online.

A couple were accused of having sex under a bridge
(Photo: Somerset Live)

The anonymous woman who apologised, said she did not think the pair had been visible to anyone and insists it was “all just foreplay” under the bridge.

She said they waited until they got home to take things further.

She claims she was shocked when she saw the pictures online as she was not aware she could be seen from neighbouring houses and has not dared to go back past that bridge again.

Having seen the woman’s response, Lara said: “I am also a regular woman with regular needs but I don’t have sex outside and would never even think about it.”

A woman apologised after she was caught ‘having sex’ in public
(Photo: Somerset Live)

The incident occurred on Tuesday, February 7, at noon.

Lara added: “I was in my living room when it happened, I have quite a big window in my living room so you couldn’t really walk across the room without seeing it.

“It was really badly raining, so they had stopped under the bridge and were talking, and then they started kissing and suddenly they actually had sex.

“They were having sex for about ten minutes.

“This is the third time it has happened, and I have two young children at home and I don’t really want them to see that kind of thing.”

At the time, Lara Shoemark did not call the police, but posted her pictures on Facebook.

She has not yet commented on the apology which was given to the Bridgwater Mercury.

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