Woman falls off Cornish cliff and is winched to safety during dramatic helicopter rescue

A walker who fell off a cliff needed rescuing by helicopter after injuring her neck and legs.

Coastguard and ambulance crews were called out to the area after being alerted to the fall by the lady’s husband.

The tricky rescue was carried out by Penzance coastguard rescue team, which led the rescue operation along with Land’s End coastguard.

The arrival of the helicopter was captured on video, with one of the airmen dropping down to secure the woman before she is winched back up and taken to hospital.

An airman is lowered down to the injured woman
(Photo: Facebook/Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team)

A spokesman told Cornwall Live: “She had fallen and sustained a possible neck and leg injury together with dizziness, her husband had estimated that they could be adjacent to Kemyal Crease Farm on the cliff path.

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Teams of rescuers helped the woman who had injured her neck and leg
(Photo: Facebook/Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team)
The helicopter arrives to help with the rescue
(Photo: Facebook/Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team)

“Conditions at the time were foggy, with light rain which reduced the option of an air asset to assist.

“With this in mind and the probability of a stretcher carry from the cliff path, additional assistance was requested and Lands End Coastguard Search & Rescue Team were tasked to proceed and rendezvous with us down several fields, to a position estimated to be in the vicinity above the location.”

The rescue operation, which was filmed by a member of the Penzance Coastguard cliff and rescue team, happened shortly before 2pm on Saturday, March 11.

The spokesman said that after mobile phone contact was established by the Penzance team and a map position text was sent by the husband to indicate a more precise location before rescuers were deployed down and along the cliff path.

He added: “Having made contact with the couple, medical assistance was given to the injured woman.”

Two paramedics, having arrived at the nearby farm along with additional coastguards, were also taken to the the site overland to assist in the rescue.

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