Wonder Woman: New trailer reveals the DC hero's mythical origins

DC’s next film on the roster is right around the corner – and it’s certainly been a long time coming.

Last year’s Batman v Superman marked Wonder Woman‘s very first onscreen outing in her entire 75-year history, though she’s long been a central bastion of DC’s roster of superheroes. Meaning expectations, then, have been understandably high for her first solo adventure, which sees Gal Gadot once more pick up shield-and-lasso to fight the world’s evils. 

The film’s latest trailer looks back to Diana’s origins on Themyscira, the island of Amazonian warrior women tasked with the sacred duty of defending mankind; a place of secretive community and hard training. 

Directed by Patty Jenkins, the film promises a slightly different take on the DC universe to Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad; switching from the vibrant, colorful beaches of Themyscira to the midst of World War I – where Wonder Woman arrives intent on saving the world from itself. 

The film also stars Chris Pine as the American pilot who crash-lands on Themyscira and proves the trigger point for Diana’s journey to destiny; alongside Robin Wright, David Thewlis, Danny Huston, Connie Nielsen, and Lucy Davis. 

Wonder Woman – Official Trailer

Wonder Woman hits UK cinemas 2 June.

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