'You make me sick': Justin Bieber slams fan who asked for a photo during Australia tour

Justin Bieber told a passionate fan that she made him “sick” after she asked for a photograph before his Melbourne concert on Friday night.

The singer is currently on a world tour, and continued his own self-imposed ban on snapshots with fans as he insisted that 20-year-old Sabah Helal was invading his privacy.

After seeing a chance to get to meet the pop superstar, she approached his car and asked for a picture – but he was quick to snub the request.

Justin Bieber told the fan they made him “sick”
(Photo: Heraldsun.com.au)
He refused the request for a photo
(Photo: Heraldsun.com.au)

“You’ve invading my privacy, I don’t want a photo,” he said. “Look at you. You make me sick.”

Speaking to the Herald Sun newspaper, the fan’s mum Houda Bennaoui later called his response “disgusting” and said her daughter was “humiliated”.

The fan’s mum said he daughter was “humiliated”
(Photo: Heraldsun.com.au)

She said: “My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her.”

Meanwhile, she suggested that Justin looked like he didn’t want to be there during the show later that night – and several fans on social media seemed to agree.

Bieber has divided opinion
(Photo: FameFlynet)

“So excited, yet a little disappointed. You seemed bored,” one disgruntled gig-goer tweeted.

Another wrote on Facebook: “So disappointed with Justin Bieber, he looked uninterested the whole time he was performing.”

However, many others praised the star’s “awesome” show, and shined the spotlight on his “beautiful vocals”.

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