Young woman found dead 'after telling friend she wanted to be with mum who died four months before'

A young woman was found dead after telling a friend she wanted to be with her mum, who had died four months before, an inquest heard.

Paige Chester, 21, was discovered by her concerned sister and a pal at her home in Maidstone, Kent, the hearing was told.

Just three days before her death she had said how happy she was but friends became concerned on Monday March 6 when they could not contact her, the inquest heard.

Paige had previously told a family friend she wanted to be with her mother, who died last November, the inquest opening at Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone

Just three days before she was found, Paige had posted on her Facebook page that she was happy.

Paige Chester
Paige Chester had previously told a family friend she wanted to be with her mother, who died last November, the inquest heard
(Photo: Facebook)
Mandy Chester died in November
(Photo: Facebook)

She posted: “After the worst time of my life I’ve come out so much stronger, couldn’t be happier right now with work and life in general.

“Soppy as it is wish you could see me now mum but hope your [sic] proud of me.”

Many of her devastated friends and family have left tributes to her on Facebook.

Her brother, Shane Chester, wrote: “Sis I love you so so much!

“This is killing me! I know you’re with mum now and that’s all you wanted.

“Just wish there was something I could of done.

Paige Chester posted a picture of her mum Mandy, calling her “my best friend”
(Photo: Facebook)

“Just know this every thing I do now is for you and mum I just hope I can some how make you proud of me!.

“Rest in peace my little angel I love you so much.”

Her friends flooded Facebook with tributes.

Rhys Michael Gray wrote: “I’m going to make this short and simple, but RIP Paige Chester we was so close at a stage in our life.

“You helped me through a lot at one point I can’t thank you enough and hearing the sad news that you’ve tragically passed away at such a young age is a pull on the heart strings.

“Thoughts go out to Shannon! Lots of love sleep tight.”

The Archbishop's Palace
The Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone, Kent
(Photo: PA)

Demi Thomas posted: “This is news that nobody should ever have to hear and ever have to go through.

“I am devastated to hear that the sky has gained another angel Paige Chester, sleep tight you little beauty.”?

Lara Louise added: “Paige Chester you darling girl. Fly high with the angels, sleep tight xx.”
And Chantelle Ivy wrote: “Life really is too short. Rest in peace Paige Chester. And my thoughts are with you Shannon Chester in this very hard time.”

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help pay for Paige’s funeral.

The inquest was adjourned until May.

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